Monterey County boasts over 45,000 acres planted in varietal winegrapes and about 75 wineries call Monterey County home.. Many of the Monterey County wineries have tasting rooms open to the public. These tasting rooms provide a relaxed atmosphere where guests receive knowledgeable, personal attention while tasting wines and learning about the winery.Several of the larger wineries offer tours of their facilities where one can learn about the winemaking process.

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Carmel Mission, the Mission San Carlos Borrome Del Rio Carmelo, sits behind adobe walls in a quiet area of Carmel. Carmel Mission is considered one of the most beautiful missions in the chain of nine missions that stretches along California's Central Coast.Founded in 1770, Carmel Mission was the second of the California Missions. It is here that Fr. Serra made his headquarters for his California missionary work, and where he was buried upon his death in 1784.  The Carmel mission is still an active church.  Masses are held on a regular schedule and visitors are welcome to the church and the grounds.

Show Committee

Entry Clerk: Carol Barton (831) 375-0801  After 6 pm PST


(831) 375-6549
Show ManagerS: Laura Duffy (650) 747-0309   Leave Message
Monica Hamilton

Show Hours : Sat-Sun: Check in from 7:30-8:30 AM
Judging begins PROMPTLY at 9:00 AM
CLOSING DATE :   February 20, 2016

Show Rules Health Rules Classes Cages
Litter/Food Awards Clerks Vendors

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Show Rules: Available from TICA, PO Box 2684, Harlingen, Tx  78551 - $7/each or use this link to download
TICA rules state that cats may be shown once without a TICA registration number, but to claim titles or awards, the cats must be registered with TICA


Health Rules: This is a non-vetted show.  Entries must be in good health and current in inoculations.  Ill or pregnant cats must be removed from the show hall.               


Classes: Kittens Purebred kittens from 4 month to under 8 month of age
Cats Purebred cats 8 months of age and older
Alters Spayed or Neutered adult purebred cats
HHP Kittens Non-Pedigreed kittens born as listed above
HHP Adults Non-Pedigreed cats 8 months of age or older
NT Developmental traits of accepted breeds
PNB Preliminary New Breeds
ANB Advanced New Breeds


Household Pet Adults MUST be altered to enter.  
Non-altered HHP adult entries will be returned
All cats in the show hall MUST be listed in the catalog.  This includes Ex Only, For Sale and companion cats


Litter/Cat Food: Litter will be provided and cat food if donated.  Please bring your own litter pans and food dishes. 
People Food: Once again, we are going to have a potluck lunch each day.  If you wish to donate a dish, contact Monica Hamilton.  One free lunch for each donation.  Otherwise, the cost is $8 per person per day. 
You  MUST sign up in advance since we are prohibited from "selling" food at the fairgrounds.


Cages: Cages measure 45"x21"x22 high.  Floor, sides and top must be covered.  Single entries will be benched in a double cage.  2 entries from the same housefhold will receive a discount for sharing a cage.  Please see the price list for details.
If you wish to bring your own cages, please indicate this on your summary sheet


Awards: Rosettes from Top 5 through Top 10 as specified in TICA show rules
Special club aggregate Awards and Trophies


Ring Clerks: Clerks will receive $37.50 per day clerked and a free lunch.  Please indicate your clerking preference on the Summary Sheet.
Do not deduct clerking fees from your entry, please


Vendors: Please contact :  Carol Barton  (831) 375-0801